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Top 10 Reuse Tips

1) Buy Used, Surplus, Refurbished & Remanufactured Goods

 “Green” your purchases and save 75% off retail by shopping at local reuse organizations like thrift stores, consignment shops or websites like craigslist.

Examples: Furniture, building materials, clothing, sporting goods, and more


2) Rent or Borrow Instead of Buying

For home improvement projects or special trips, rent or borrow equipment instead of buying it. You save money for items you need only temporarily, and save the energy required for making new materials.

Examples: Trailers, camping equipment, gardening equipment, cars, bikes, special occasion clothes/accessories, and power tools


3) Choose Durables and Reusable Products over Disposables

Disposable products add convenience, but with increased cost to the environment and your wallet.

Americans throw away more than 22 million water bottles each year after only one use. Reduce waste and save energy from recycling bottles into new plastic by bringing a reusable water bottle with you.

Examples: refillable beverage containers, shopping bags, diapers, etc.

Hint: Find out more about reusables at www.reuseit.com/learn-more


4) Install a Rain Barrel

Save money on your water bill—collect rainwater in barrels or cisterns, and use it to water your garden, lawn, or yard.


5) Compost Your Food Scraps and Yard Waste

Reduce your solid waste generation by up to 40% through composting, creating an organic soil additive and reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.


6) Buy in Bulk rather than Single-Serve

Single-serve items use more packaging and cost more

Buy in bulk and put leftovers into smaller, reusable containers for storage

Examples: food, beverages, toiletries, clothes, etc.


7) Zero Waste Meals

Rather than bringing a pre-made lunch packaged in plastic, pack a fresh lunch for your reusable containers.

Hint: Plan ahead! Take you own reusable containers when dining out for leftovers

8) Consider Reselling

Get rid of clutter and earn extra cash

Consider holding a yard sale, listing items on Craigslist, or bringing them to your local consignment shop


9) Donate it, don't dump it!

Give your old stuff new life by contributing it to worthy organizations

Local reuse organizations include thrift shops, Habitat For Humanity, architectural salvage outlets, furniture banks, food pantries and even creative reuse centers

Examples: Clothing, electronics, home furnishings, building materials, etc.


10) Leave it on the Lawn!

Use a mulching lawnmower to add free fertilizer to your lawn and reduce the need to rake, bag and dispose of lawn clippings


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