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 Chapter 1: Introduction to Wastewater Management

Chapter 2: Asset Management and Sustainability
Chapter 3: Financial Management & Rate Structures
Chapter 4: Regulatory Overview and Legal Responsibilities
Chapter 5: Educating and Engaging the Public on Wastewater Treatment
Chapter 6: Stormwater Management and MS4s
Chapter 7: Collection Systems
Chapter 8: Staff Training Demands, Succession Planning and Certification
Chapter 9: NYWARN–Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network
Appendix 1: Glossary of Terms
Appendix 2: Financial Glossary


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Past Publications

Handbook on Wastewater Management for Local Representatives
Developed by 
Syracuse University Environmental Finance Center, NYSDEC, EPA Region 2, and NYWEA, this handbook is designed to be a reference tool for local officials, public administrators, and managers. In addition to the basic treatment operations, this handbook discusses the strategies to ensure compliance, funding, adequate training, and public education. This reference will also help public officials familiarize themselves with financial management tools, loan and grant assistance, as well as learn about capital improvement planning to enhance long term economic viability.To access a pdf version, please click here.

GreenPrint for Success: A How-to Guide for Building a Green Job Training Program
This “how-to” guide walks the reader through the nuts and bolts of creating, implementing, and evaluating a green jobs program. It is based on real world experience from more than 30 organizations involved in green jobs programs. To access a pdf version, please click here.

Green Jobs Grants and Grantmaking Foundations Catalog
This booklet offers examples of government-funded grant programs from state and federal agencies, as well as examples of private and nonprofit grantmaking foundations. A great starting point for those looking for money for their state and local green jobs projects. To access a pdf version, please click here.

An Empirical Study of the Green Innovation Grant Program
This in-depth report looks into the application and selection processes for the inaugural Green Innovation Grant Program (GIGP),  a New York State initiative created to allocate Green Project Reserve dollars under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. In this EPA-funded project, 
Syracuse University Environmental Finance Center worked with GIGP applicants and state officials to create recommendations for future rounds of the program. To access a pdf version, please click here.

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Quarterly Newsletters

September 2010: Green Infrastructure
June 2010: Beyond Waste
March 2010: Smart Growth
December 2009: Agricultural Best Management Practices
October 2009: Local Food
June 2009: Green Infrastructure

March 2009: Inaugural Issue

Maxwell Capstone Projects

Syracuse University Environmental Finance Center often partners with the Maxwell School at Syracuse University as a "client" for MPA students to develop reports that include extensive research on various topics of interest to our audiences. The work of these students over the years have proved to be valuable resources for SU-EFC audiences. Here is the library of past projects.

2011 - Trash to Treasure: Sustainable Financing Options for Integrated Material Management Programs
2010 - Making Syracuse Sustainable
2009 - The GreenPrint for Success: A "How-To" Guide for Building a Green Job Training Program

2008 - City of Oswego: Toward Municipal Sustainability

2008 - Wind Initiatives in U.S. Virgin Islands
2007 - Rural Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Management
2007 - Emergency Preparedness in Rural Communities
2007 - LEED in Upstate New York: An Exploration of Barriers, Resources and Strategies
2007 - Field Guide of Financial Support for Sustainable Capital Projects
2005 - Affordability and Sustainability of Municipal Water Supply and Sanitation For Households in Rural New York
2005 - Alternative Financing of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure in Rural Communities
2004 - Intermunicipal Agreements in NYS
2003 - Impact of Public Participation on the Development of USDA Rural Utility Projects
2002 - Tapping Resources for Rural Communities
1999 - Analysis of Smart Growth Policies in New York State



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